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Set the perfect scene for your event from the arrival of your guests, to the main event and after-party.  Conservatoire-trained Nova Quartet is able to offer clients true musical versatility, ensuring that the soundscape of their event is unique, enjoyable and memorable. Whatever your musical needs and requirements, you can count on Nova Quartet to organize the right setup and get the job done effortlessly.  Nova Quartet will work with you to find the sound you’re looking for and the songs you love and you can book a soloist, a duet or quartet, or even a full orchestra. If you’re looking for top musicians who will be a pleasure to work with and will make your special event even more special, just get in touch with us.



You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found top conservatoire-trained professional musicians to set the soundscape to your event with Nova Quartet. With an ability to bring a distinctive sound to every project we work on with music ranging from classical favourites to pop and film hits, Nova Quartet will ensure that you have the perfect musical backdrop to your special day. If there's something very special that you would like that's not in our playlists, we'll create a bespoke arrangement for you.   When looking for a professional string quartet to collaborate with, just get in touch with us.

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Arrangements give musicians the freedom to play a piece of music on any instrument and the art of reworking and adapting music has been around for centuries. Some musical pieces are originally written to be played on certain instruments but when played on another instrument, some changes might be necessary that keeps the essence of the original while creating a new sound world.

That’s not the only role for musical arrangements. Arrangers can also use compositions and rework them to create a full orchestral score based on the original composition. When songwriters or singers come up with new songs that they want to perform with an orchestra, they have to hire an arranger who can add a magical touch to create a full orchestral score out of the original song.

At Nova we can take your song and arrange it for strings or wind or even full orchestra or band.  Just contact us for more details and a quote.


If you are looking for a session musician to work at recording sessions, theatrical productions, film and television productions or live performances Nova is for you.  We can learn our parts quickly and our versatility is key to any situation where musical skills are needed on a short-term basis. When time is money, our professional behaviour and reliability ensure that we are musicians you would like to work with. Just contact us for a chat about your project.

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