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Nova Quartet will help you create the perfect musical backdrop to your very special day. Our extensive playlist has music ranging from classical favourites to pop and film hits, and our wide range of styles will delight you and your guests. 


If there's something very special that you would like that's not in our playlists, we'll create a bespoke arrangement for you.  

When looking for a professional string quartet to collaborate with, just get in touch with us and we will always respond within a few hours.

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What to choose.........

* A String Quartet is suited for all kinds of occasions: presentations, corporate events, birthday parties, Christmas and New Year celebrations, and weddings and has the widest playlist. 


* A Violin & Cello Duo is a good option for small and intimate weddings with a smaller number of guests. 

* A Solo Violin can include traditional Scottish music. 

Solo Cello gives you an ambient warmth.  Both have a range of musical variety and can be accompanied with a keyboard player.

* A Piper adds that traditional touch before a wedding as your guests arrive at your venue.

* Other options include different kinds of ensembles depending on your needs: flute and string quartet, or a much larger ensemble - even a full orchestra or choir.

Please note that we play only in the City ofAberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.


Nova Duo


Nova Soloists

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